Lotion Bottle Suppliers the screw gently into the cork

What a satisfying sound as the cork is pulled from a bottle of wine. The bouquet that follows reminds you that very soon, youll be enjoying a glass of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, or chardonnay with your friends or that special someone. After all the effort you put into carefully choosing the perfect wine, you want to be sure you open the bottle properly. Breaking the cork and having pieces of it fall into your wine will definitely keep you from enjoying the experience to its fullest. Besides that, there is a smug kind of fun in impressing your friends by opening a bottle of wine like a sommelier!

Simple Is Best

There are many devices for opening a bottle of wine, and some very ornate and complex models can cost hundreds of dollars. Believe it or not, one of the models that is popular with professionals and wine experts alike only costs between $10 and $20 and is called the Waiters Corkscrew. This corkscrew folds up like a pocketknife and has a notched piece of metal that rests against the mouth of the bottle to provide leverage as you pull on the cork. The screw (also called a worm) is hinged and folds out of the handle and includes a knife to remove the foil from around the neck of the bottle.

Easy Does It

Although it may seen complicated and intimidating to open a bottle of wine, its really quite simple once you get the hang of it.

Begin by using the knife on your corkscrew to remove the foil from the top of the bottle. Moving around the lip of the bottle in a circular motion, score the foil with the knife and slice upward at the end to remove the foil and expose the cork. If youre uncorking an older bottle of wine, its very important to score the foil below the lip of the bottle because there can be residue and mold under the foil. Wipe the bottle with a clean napkin to clear away any cork or foil debris. Snap the foil knife back into the corkscrew handle.

Unfold the screw and hold the bottle by its neck with your non-dominant hand. With your other hand, place the tip of the corkscrew in the middle of the cork at a 45 degree angle to the bottle.

Apply gentle pressure and push the screw into the cork and turn it clockwise. Once the tip of the corkscrew is in the cork, straighten out the corkscrew so that youre turning it directly into the cork rather than at an angle. This gives you more control, which is especially important with old wine or brittle corks. Continue to turn the screw into the cork, stopping one spiral short of the top of the screw. You will need to leave room to have leverage to pull the cork out of the bottle.

Seat the first notch of the lever on the bottle’s rim and slowly lift the handle of the corkscrew. This action will raise the cork from the neck of the bottle. Sometimes the cork doesnt come out easily. You might have to gently wiggle the cork back and forth with the corkscrew while gently pulling up at the same time. Try not to yank on the cork, because this may cause it to break. If it does break, dont panic! Simply unscrew the broken piece of cork from the corkscrew, and try putting Lotion Bottle Suppliers the screw gently into the cork. Be sure not to press down too hard on the cork, or it may fall into the bottle.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to become an expert at uncorking a bottle of wine is to get lots of practice. Cream Jar Factory Invite your friends over for a wine-opening (and wine-tasting, of course) party. Take your time, relax, and with a little patience and practice, youll be opening bottles of wine like a professional in no time!

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